Online workroster for your personnel

A handy application for your employee

In Book'u, Employees manage their personal information, calendar and availability in one environment. Using our online platform, employees and employers can connect perfectly. This works always and everywhere with a user friendly tool.

Manage profile

In the employee app of the planning tool, an employee can manage his personal data. This includes: administrative data, skills, drivers licences, clothing sizes, known languages... The employer can choose which information he wants to receive from an employee. The employee remains owner of his own data at all times, conform European law.

Maintain your calendar

The employee wants to see the assigned shifts for your company at all times for the next period. Using the calendar, the employee gets insights in his personal planning. For each assignment you can follow-up the following: description, task, location, start and end hour, attachments, team members...

Configure availability

As an employer, you would like to get notified of the availability of your employees. In the employee app, an employee can configure his own availability periods by day or period. The employee can also answer your availability requests. Using a simple summary they can quickly send you their availability.


With Book'u, your employee can finish a lot of the administration yourself.

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