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Creating a good personnel planning is a big challenge.
What if you could win time while planning?

Manage employees

A good managment of your employees, that's taken care of by us.
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Dimona declarations

Book'u developed a module that automates this task completely.
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Follow-up planning

Thanks to the user friendly and structured screens, you always get accurate information about your planning.
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Time registrations

Register your hour easy and without complex hardware solutions? You can with the Book'u Time Clock..
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Link with your social office

Employee information and performance is automatically sent to the social office.
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User friendly application for every type of organisation

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Book'u connects with several social offices

Why would you choose for Book'u?
  • User friendly and simpleĀ 
  • Link with Dimona
  • Link with social office
  • Useful app for your employees
  • Personal support

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